Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I think the title of this post really does speak for itself. In the past two months so much really has changed...

1. I am now 22 years old! I can't believe I am 22. I can't wait to share this next year of life with my favorite two boys.

2. We have relocated ourselves. We made the move with 2 cars, all our belongings, and one 5-month-old baby from Provo, Utah back home to GEORGIA! It was a terribly long move and I was sick nearly the whole trip, but we made it. We are THRILLED to be back around both of our families. There's nothing like southern hospitality.

3. Our previously mentioned 5-month-old baby will be SEVEN months old in less than a week. John Cooper is starting to fall asleep for naps by himself. He has mastered rolling over from back to tummy and then from tummy to back. He can not only sit up all by himself, but he can go from laying down to sitting up all by himself. He is eating solids, drinking juice regularly, and is now drinking whole milk (Thanks to a serious intolerance to EVERY type of formula). As a result of the new diet, our little man is no longer spitting up! John has also started crawling, and just yesterday I caught him trying to pull himself up to stand.