Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's been too long.

Since it's been almost three months since I posted, I figured I'd post again. Sadly, in the move I lost the cord to my camera, so until we get a new camera (Thank you tax returns) my posts will be picture-less. Pictures or no pictures, this blog does need an update!

What's been going on? Well, John has been growing like a weed, STILL. I can't believe how big he's gotten. He took his first steps around Christmas and has been on the move ever since. He absolutely loves playing chase with anyone who he can get to play, and he doesn't just walk, he runs. He loves animals, and calls anything that walks on four legs a "dog". It sounds more like he's saying "OG", but every once in a while you hear the full word in there. He likes the movie 'Despicable Me', dare I say, more than he likes 'Cars'. I can't complain since I was REALLY starting to get sick of watching Cars every morning. About a month ago I walked in John's room to get him after he woke up from his nap and he was half-way over the railing to his crib. Needless to say, we've converted his crib into a toddler bed. (To anyone crib hunting... I DEFINITELY recommend a convertible crib. It was SO easy to convert and John is familiar with it, so he's still sleeping like, well, a baby.) The little guy made out like I've never seen at Christmas, and his birthday is now less than two weeks away. To say that he's spoiled might be an understatement. His Aunt Kelli gave him his birthday present in JANUARY! He got a motorized Lightning McQueen that he's just now gotten the hang of driving. He still runs into EVERYTHING though since he hasn't quite grasped how to make it turn. It's crazy to think that in less than two weeks my little baby will officially be a toddler. It's so cliche, but they really do grow up so fast! Cade is still doing well at his job. They just moved warehouses, so we're living about a mile now from where he works which is awesome because we are saving a TON on gas! I am still doing the normal, Stay-at-home mom thing and still absolutely loving it.